Thank You



Dear colleague and friend,

It is my hope that you have returned home safely. On behalf of the local organising committee of the CMR Congress of South Africa, I would like to sincerely thank you for your participation and significant contribution to the success of SACMR 2017.

Indeed, cardiovascular imaging, and CMR in particular, has so much to offer for the care of cardiological patients directly and through deepening our understanding of the heart and cardiovascular system morphology, physiology and function.

The SACMR is one vehicle for increasing capacity for CMR on the African continent. The active participation of delegates was appreciated. The high quality of talks from both the local and international faculty allowed us to achieve the goals of the meeting. The quality cases that were presented stimulated much thought and interest. I was heartened by the involvement of many fellows and young imaging professionals with such a strong interest in CMR. The future of CMR in Africa looks very bright!

You should have received your attendance certificate.

Over the coming weeks, we will have the lectures available on the congress website for viewing. This will provide an opportunity to catch up on missed presentations, review presentations that you enjoyed and hopefully will inform your clinical and research directions.

If you have thoughts and suggestions for future years, both in terms of structure and content, please do let us know.

It was a tremendous pleasure to work with you in this meeting creating awareness, developing capacity, curating our imaging community, forming important linkages and building for the future. 

On behalf of the SACMR 2017 organising committee, I would like to thank you for your participation in this year’s meeting. Please mark your calendar for SACMR 2018 which will take place in Cape Town from 11 to 14 October 2018.

See you again in Cape Town.


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Ntobeko Ntusi